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If you would like to continue to be eligible for discounted tuition, priority enrollment, performance participation, and continued enrollment in your current classes, please be aware of the following:

  • Students must attend at least 75% of scheduled classes per class per semester (ie: 9 out of 12 classes). Parents will be notified when a student is close to reaching their limit.

  • Only 1 unexcused absence will be allowed per class per semester. Please alert your teacher when you will not be able to make it to class. Parents can also add scheduled absences to the parent portal by clicking on “absences and makeups” in the dropdown menu.

  • 3 unexcused tardies will equal an absence, so please be on time to classes or let your teacher know if you will be late.

  • If a class needs to be canceled due to weather or other unexpected circumstances, it will not count against you as an absence.

  • Classes or pre-planned rehearsals cannot be missed less than 2 weeks before a performance.

  • Non-compliance with the absence policy does not necessarily mean removal from a class, but it may mean being unable to participate in a performance or other event.

  • Exceptions will only be made under extreme circumstances and addressed on a case by case basis (not to include school events or family vacations).

  • This policy is subject to change as needed to enable our school to continue to offer a sustainable progressive dance program to our students. We will do our best to notify you of changes in advance.

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