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Melodies in Motion for ages 4-5 

For the young child every day is new, fresh, exciting, and filled with new people, things, and events.  The smallest happening is a momentous event for which there is no precedent in their life experience.  The child's perception of and identification with all life forms and events will never again be possible with the same spontaneous enthusiasm. This makes it an ideal time for learning in new and exciting ways.

All aspects of learning are greatly enhanced when music is a key element.  Musical play offers children experience in the two areas which are most important in their lives today: learning to know and control their bodies and learning to listen with intention.  Research shows that when music, movement, and language are integrated, the benefits are incalculable, both intellectually and psychology.  


Young children grow and develop as whole human beings in a "doing" environment.  Sensory-motor exploration forms and sustains their intellectual life.  Making learning a part of everyday living makes it relevant, interesting, accessible, and integrated.  This class will introduce a multi-faceted music program based on themes from everyday life. 

It is required that a parent or other trusted adult attend this class with their student.

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