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Welcome to Summit School of the Arts!  We are so excited you've chosen to join our dance family. 

Please take a moment to familiarize yourself with our program and let us know if you have any questions. 

We look forward to getting to know your family!



All students are expected to come prepared for class with the proper dance attire. You can first check out the leotards, tights and dance shoes that we have in stock at the studio.  Our selection is limited but if we do not have what you are looking for you can shop at our online store for all of your dress code needs.


Now that you're registered as a part of our school you have access to a parent portal.  You should have received an email when your registration form was submitted that allows you to choose your password.  This portal gives you the ability to enroll in classes, check your balance, view details about the classes you're currently enrolled in, update your credit card information, and most importantly stay up-to-date with our "Latest Announcements" section.  In the event that there is a change to our policies & agreements, you can also use this portal to view and accept updated policies.

You should also download our mobile app for IOS or android.  All parent portal information can be accessed through this app.  You will only need to login once when you first download the app.


Dance is a progressive skill that is developed through consistent, committed training.  For this reason we encourage students to begin as early as possible in the fall, continue through the school year, and be consistent with their training during the summer.  It is expected that large breaks in training will lead to “setbacks” that may require a student to take some time to re-establish certain skills before they can safely jump back into rigorous training. 


Our tuition is set up to be automatically billed monthly using a credit card we keep on file.  Each tuition payment is applied towards the family's total annual balance, which differs based on the number of classes they are enrolled in. Families with multiple students enrolled will receive a discount.  


Down payments will be processed during the first week of classes with your first month of tuition.  This payment is non-refundable except in extreme circumstances. 

If you decide to withdraw from a program please let us know as soon as possible so that we can alert members of the waiting list that a spot has opened up.  

If we are able to offer additional workshops or master classes, these may require additional fees.  These programs will require advanced signup and may not be available to all ages.

There will be additional fees for performance-based opportunities to cover costumes, production costs, photos and video.


We will not have classes during the following holidays and break periods.  There are plenty of vacation days so if at all possible please schedule family trips during these times.  Please check our calendar or ask a staff member if you have any questions.


We ask that our students demonstrate an appropriate level of commitment and have minimal absences in their current level if they wish to continue to progress in their dance education.  Students who would like to progress more quickly may be encouraged to complete suggested home-conditioning exercises.


Students need to re-enroll each season.  The official time for new enrollment or re-enrollment is during the summer prior to a new season.  The following are expectations we have for students who wish to continue in a program:

-Be on time to class

-Honor the dress code

-Demonstrate good attitude and work ethic in the classroom

-Make up missed classes to avoid slipping behind

-We have the right to refuse service without advanced notice if a student or parent is causing physical or mental distress to any student or member of our staff.


-Students should be enrolled in ballet 2 or higher by the first week of fall semester.

-Casting may be determined by audition

-Must be enrolled and fully participating in a program for their age and skill level

-To be considered for a part en pointe, students must be consistently attending 2 ballet classes (level 5 and higher) and have been en pointe for at least 1 year.

-Mandatory Friday and Saturday rehearsals are possible

-Performance fee TBD


-Minimum age 7 for Junior Companies, 11 for Senior Company

-Must be enrolled in ballet level 2 or higher for Jr, 4 or higher for Sr

-Mandatory Friday and Saturday rehearsals possible

-Company fees TBD

-Find out more here


-Minimal absences following spring break

-Mandatory attendance during 2 weeks leading up to performance (except under extreme circumstances)

-Mandatory participation in any dress rehearsals leading up to performance day

-Last day to drop classes and avoid a fee is March 1st.


-Minimum age 12

-At least 3 years of ballet experience prior to starting pointe

-Be enrolled in and consistently attending classes in level 5 or higher

-Must pass a pre-pointe assessment

-Don’t take long breaks in training (a long break is considered longer than 3-4 weeks where the student is not specifically training in a classroom setting)


We will be continuing our annual holiday sale fundraiser through Sherwood Forest Farms, which includes wreaths, garland, centerpieces, and other holiday decor.  All students are invited to participate! Proceeds will go towards production costs so that we can provide a professional and meaningful experience for our dancers and the community.

Additional fundraising opportunities to assist with potential travel expenses or financial aid will be announced as needed.


We hope this helps you to feel more prepared as we enter a new dance season!  

This document is subject to adjustments as our school grows.  

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